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I’ve gotten permission to work from home a day or two a week. As good as it sounds, I’m a little uncertain about it. I work from home now and then when I need to be home to accomodate tradespeople I’ve hired, but I generally don’t prefer it. It’s too easy for me to get distracted and doesn’t feel like worktime.

I am expecting to get used to it with habit, though, and it’ll save me about 40 miles of driving each day I can do it. I support telework as a concept and encourage people to do it, but resist doing it myself. On the list of habits we want to change, it’s really one of the easiest ones, with a tangible immediate cost savings, and yet it still feels somehow amiss.

It started this past week with one day. Next week I’m planning three, but that’s because I am having some work done. After that, I’ll be trying to establish the habit on a schedule.


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