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This is so rare, it feels positively mythical – a Saul-like moment of enlightenment and confession.  Louis J. Marinelli, the strategist for the National Organization for Marriage, an anti-gay group fighting against civil liberties for LGBT couples, and the imagined ‘gay agenda’, has come out.

No, not as gay – as someone who has finally realized that his actions and statements are hurting people.  That he is not the hero in his story – but the oppressor and villian.

How amazing is that?  I think most people, when they suspect they might be on the wrong side of an argument, simply argue HARDER until the suspicion is buried under an avalanche of self-righteousness.  I think Mr. Marinelli has got some work to do – I hope he’ll try as hard to repair the damage as he did to create it…

… but I also hope that if his sincerity proves itself out… and that post sounded sincere to me… that he will be welcomed as Saul was by his oppressors… as the Grinch was by the community of Whoville.

And beyond everything, I hope that others on his side, who have been shouting the slogans and noticing with growing unrest that they are ‘protecting’ marriage by denying it to fellow human beings who simply want to love one another in the same committed environment as anyone else… will lay down their own fear and hostility and join Mr. Marinelli in acknowledging that they are wrong, and that it’s ok to turn away from a bad argument once you realize that’s what it is.


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Westboro Baptist Church is protesting a military funeral today in La Plata, Md., our home turf. (Or pretty close, anyway.) This is the outfit, led by “Rev.” Fred Phelps, known for showing up at funerals with signs reading “God Hates Fags” and other such loving Christian messages.

Why military funerals? They have a typically batty rationalization that goes along these lines: God hates homosexuals, God punishes America for tolerating homosexuals, God’s judgments includes killing soldiers, therefore, mourning dead soldiers is opposing the will of God. (I told you it was batty.)

But there may be a more cynical reason. According to this article, WBC protests are more of a moneymaking lawsuit machine than anything motivated by moral conviction.

The whole thing is offensive, and Phelps and his paltry flock (which seems to mostly be comprised of equally loony family members) are pathetic. Maybe it’s true belief, maybe it’s a cynical con job or maybe something in between, but no matter the underlying motivation, it’s sad.

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Killing the Buddha has an interesting (and inherently horrifying in exactly the same way traffic accidents are both awful and compelling at the same time) article attempting to make some sort of sense of Fred Phelps.  This guy makes 99% of religious wackos look sane by comparison.  The author describes his hate slogans as ‘magnetic poetry’ – all I can think is 1) wow, it’s sad when people who need mental health care can’t seem to find it and 2) that if there IS a God personal enough to know what he’s doing in God’s name, Fred Phelps is going to get the smack down of all cosmic smack downs for the vile crap he’s doing in said deity’s name.

PS I am not categorizing this as ”Christian” – while he uses the name it is clear he’s slid so far off track as to be his own psychotic thing with a thin veneer of wildly slanted Christianity slapped on top.  I’m not one, generally, to deny anyone the use of whatever label they choose to wear, but in this case, calling what Phelps preaches ‘Christian’ amounts to slander.

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