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Tonight I’ve been rescued.

I was at work in Falls Church, Va., when the rain began to get heavy. We’d had heavy rain at home all day yesterday, and today the track had shifted west by a few miles, putting the heaviest fall in the area where I work. This is the remnants of tropical storm Lee.

None of this would have been a problem, except there’s a stretch of the Capital Beltway that runs near a canal which comes off the Potomac River.

And it flooded. And they closed it.

That killed my primary route home, and it was sounding like most of my reliable secondary routes were also becoming unusable, some from water and some from traffic trying to bypass the water.

I was starting to think about where in the office I might sleep a few hours until morning, and after telling Lynda what was up, posted a note to Facebook out it.

And then a friend who lives nearby my office offered to put me up in a spare bedroom for the night, which is where I am as I write this.

The rain is still falling and the roads are still flooded, but I’m not spending the night on the floor under a desk, and for that I’m grateful.


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