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Year of change

Back after a long time gone.

My involvement in church life has increased in recent months. I agreed to serve as chairman of our Growth & PR Committee, I’ve learned how to turn the service recording into a podcast and I agreed to write and preach a sermon during the summer season when the regular minister is on hiatus.

It’s a lot, but it makes me feel truly involved, not just a name in the membership book.

Lately I’ve thinking about hearth, kindred. Pagan spirituality places a great deal of value on home, family and close friends. Community. Davies has become my religious home, while I’m just a few months away from finally unifying my family home (my fiancee who temporarily lives a considerable distance away will be moving here.)

I was without either of those things for a long time in my life. I had no spiritual kindred at all for many years, nor a home center with another soul making it hearth. These are good changes, some already made and some coming soon. Very soon.


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