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Westboro Baptist Church is protesting a military funeral today in La Plata, Md., our home turf. (Or pretty close, anyway.) This is the outfit, led by “Rev.” Fred Phelps, known for showing up at funerals with signs reading “God Hates Fags” and other such loving Christian messages.

Why military funerals? They have a typically batty rationalization that goes along these lines: God hates homosexuals, God punishes America for tolerating homosexuals, God’s judgments includes killing soldiers, therefore, mourning dead soldiers is opposing the will of God. (I told you it was batty.)

But there may be a more cynical reason. According to this article, WBC protests are more of a moneymaking lawsuit machine than anything motivated by moral conviction.

The whole thing is offensive, and Phelps and his paltry flock (which seems to mostly be comprised of equally loony family members) are pathetic. Maybe it’s true belief, maybe it’s a cynical con job or maybe something in between, but no matter the underlying motivation, it’s sad.


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