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DMUUC by any other name

Our congregation finally voted this past Sunday on a years-old proposal to slightly amend our name, from Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church to Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Congregation. The final vote was 25-24 against, so “Church” we remain.

I voted for keeping the old name, although I don’t have strong feelings about it. From a pragmatic standpoint, I don’t see the need for a financially-struggling congregation to make a change that will require new signage and branding. And from a spiritual standpoint — well, we are a liberal religious organization. We are a church in at least some senses of the word, and I like that the name embraces that.

On the other hand, I do see merit in the argument that “church” is a holdover from our Christian heritage and our religion has moved beyond that. I sympathize with those who feel wounds and scars from their past experiences in churches and would prefer a religious community that uses another word. And there’s certainly nothing incorrect about “congregation.”

I am sure the issue will come up again. The close vote shows a lot of people feel strongly about it, even if they’re split almost down the middle on which side they feel strongly about.


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