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No Problemo?

I lived in Arizona for a few years and enjoyed it very much – but there is no question that they do love their silly season cluelessly-racist legislation.

When I was there is was about holding their breath til they turned blue rather than give up Columbus Day in favor of MLK Day – and the argument that they didn’t want to establish a holiday for an individual…yea, wrap your head around it.

They also were busy trying to make the NRA happy while still exerting some legislative control, by requiring minors inside Phoenix city limits to carry a permission slip from their parents if they had a gun on them.  There are so many things wrong with that, that no one was happy, but it kept talk radio busy for months.

Now, they’ve legislated against offering any sort of basic human kindness to Latinos – cops are supposed to ask for their ‘papers’  if they have any possible hint that the person might just be illegal – think they’re going to determine that by just asking everyone that is brown? I sure do…and guess what? American citizens don’t HAVE ‘papers’ because we are not Nazi Germany.  Can you prove your citizenship right now based on what’s in your wallet? No? Me neither.

According to the news, it also makes it a crime for ordinary citizens to offer a ride to anyone who may be illegal… so now you’re supposed to ask for your friends’ papers too, before going shopping together?

And McCain is all up this law’s butt, because he’s lost every ounce of ‘moderation’ he ever stood for by selling it off bit by bit for votes.  Good luck with that, John – how do you sleep nights?  Your new friends do not love you and they have long memories.

Bah… as always, Colbert manages to find the funny truth at the core of political insanity.


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Faith … is an orientation of the whole personality, a total response. It’s not just belief — the holding of certain ideas — which is a function of the mind alone. Beliefs can be expressed in propositional form, to which the adjectives ‘true’ or ‘false’ may be attached. Faith, by contrast, is the opposite of nihilism and despair. It may or may not include beliefs, but it is much larger. It is the ability to experience the universe as meaningful. Having faith means that our lives hold together and make sense at a deep level, rather than seeming ultimately awry, askew or absurd. Therefore, your religion is something you not only think about but also dance, sing, eat, paint and sculpt.

— Rev. Scotty McLennan

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